Play now!

Step 1: You will need to download the Ultima Online 9th anniversary edition and install it. (Do NOT update this).

Step 2: Next you will need to download the shard files.

Step 3: Install the shard files into your Ultima Online folder and overwrite the files when asked.

Step 4: Install either Orion (Orion Launcher64_2.0.0.0), Razor (Razor_Latest.exe) or UOSteam (UOS_Latest.exe). The installers are in your UO folder.

Step 5: Copy the settings listed in the screenshots below (using the correct paths to your Ultima Online folder).


Port: 2593

Razor Client

Razor – Launcher settings

UO Steam Client

UOS – Launcher settings

Step 6: Hit Okay or Start.

Step 7: When the client starts. Create an account by typing in a account name and password. (Make sure you have a minimum of 4 and an max of 16 characters.)

Step 8: Have fun! and don’t forget to read the Rules and FAQ pages.

Orion Client (recommended)

For the more advanced Orion client use this tutorial series.

Orion client is still being developed and has high frame rate and more modern features. This client offers you the best experience.

Part 1: